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Greendale community college is transformed into an apocalyptic war zone when the dean promises the winner of a paintball competition priority registration, and it could fan the flames of sexual tension between jeff and britta. Could somebody please make a list of every paintball. A fistful of paintballs, a spoof of a fistful of dollars, is the first part of the twopart paintballspecial season 2 finale. The special features on this dvd are great with deleted scenes and outtakes on each of the 4 disks. Community season 5 episode basic sandwich the gang search for thesecret lab and fortune of the founder of greendale, on the season 5 finale of community. In a spaghetti western parody, pierce tries to get revenge on the rest of the study group during this years paintball tournament. The episode originally premiered on may 5, 2011 on. Compilation of what i believe are the best scenes from the fistfull of paintballs episode part 1 on community season 2. A fist full of paintballs jeffrey kirkpatrick at may 5, 2011 10. The episode originally premiered on may 5, 2011 on nbc. Meanwhile, upset over being shunned by the study group, pierce chevy chase attempts to save himself by betraying them. Fistful of paintballs, of course, is the sequel to last seasons. During the chaos, jeffs study group teams up in order to last longer in the game.

Community s02 ep23 a fistful of paintballs 1 hd watch. On november 3, 2010, nbc ordered 2 additional episodes for the second season, bringing it. While community sort of started out as a satire of collegebased tv shows and movies, it has since become more of a movie satire of the week type show. On november 3, 2010, nbc ordered 2 additional episodes for the second season, bringing it to a total of 24 episodes. The episodes were a followup to the season one episode modern warfare where the students partake in a campus paintball match. Community season 2 episode 23 a fist full of paintballs. Community s02e23 a fistful of paintballs 1 keitheissecatherine9454. Acting as a sequel to modern warfare from the first season, dean pelton once again announces plans for a game of paintball. Community season 2 episode 23 a fist full of paintballs part 1 s2 e23. All 36 songs featured in community season 2 soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Community season 2 episode 23 a fist full of paintballs part 1 s2 e23 community a fist full. Greendales annual paintball competition begins as a mysterious new player debuts. Community season 2 the series follows a group of students at a community college in the fictional locale of greendale, colorado. The 68 movie references in community features with community season 6 on the horizon, we count down the 68 community episodes seeped in movie references and homages.

A lawyer faked his law bachelor degree and therefore, he enrolls himself into community college where he forms a spanish study group just in order to get with a spanish student. That is pretty much the only negative i can say about this box set. A fistful of paintballs is the 23rd episode and part one of the twopart second season finale of community. As the paintball war is revealed to be a city college plan to destroy the school, jeff joel mchale and troy donald glover vie for control of greendales embattled army. Community season 2 episode 23 a fist full of paintballs photos.

Oh and basically any episode in any season involving paintball and blanket forts is a gauranteed winger. The first episode plays on the westerncowboy motif, while the second episode is a straightup star wars riff with abed doing his best han solo. The 15 best episodes of community that make you feel like. The game of paintball continues at greendale as new intruders arrive.

Community s02e23 a fistful of paintballs 1 video dailymotion. Ill say that i think this is a pretty great setup, but its essentially all setup, and. Community s02 ep24 for a few paintballs more 2 hd stream watch community s02 ep24 for a few paintballs more 2 online watch community s02 ep24 for a few paintballs more 2 online stream. A prize is given to the winner of the contest which normally has great value to the students with the exception of the time when the prize was simply tickets to see a musical. The fifth season of the television comedy series community premiered on january 2, 2014, and concluded on april 17, 2014. Paintball on community what paintball guns were used. Communitys gillian jacobs teases paintball finale, part 2. Trivia on the community the complete second season dvd commentaries.

The episode originally aired on may 12, 2011 on nbc. Community season 2 episode 24 for a few paintballs more. Community s02 ep23 a fistful of paintballs 1 online stream. Community s02 ep24 for a few paintballs more 2 hd watch. Joel mchale, gillian jacobs, danny pudi, yvette nicole brown. I would also put geothermal escapism in between 5 and 6, it has the same feel as paintball before it got stale. So far i havent found anything on the inserts that indicate there are extended episodes. A fistful of paintballsfor a few paintballs more season 2, episode 23, 24. Jeff blows off the study group and their breakdancing competition to hang out with. Last season, there were a few episodes that had extended versions i think it was two, but dont quote me. Community has a few paintball episodes and each one takes the scale. Arriving, as it did, near the end of communitys promising, if uneven first season, it. But to compensate for that expansion of character stuff, the episode scales back on the pop culture riffing, to the. We even get some whitesuited stormtroopers who swoop in to try.

Community season 2 certainly does not disappoint in actual story and dvd. In this episode senor chang busts into a room rocking the tm15 on fullauto to the sound of oriental music. Jeff and britta engage in a dangerous game of relationship oneupsmanship in response to brittas embarrassing moment at the end of the previous school year, which could cause the entire study group to fall apart. This paintball gun was sported by community character senor chang, who set out to stop the main characters from winning. When the study group learns that theres a sinister plot behind the paintball tournament, they unite the remaining players to. Once again a paintball tournament is held in the halls and classrooms of greendale community college. However, before the study group can compete for the prize they must first deal with a more personal conflict. As the paintball war is revealed to be a city college plot, jeff and troy vie for control of greendales ragtag army, while pierce betrays the group. In my opinion 3 is the place to stop though, even modern espionage felt forced to me level 2. Only a show like community can pull off paintball episodes. Late in its third season run, community had a minor creative drought. The paintball game first appeared in the season one episode modern warfare and made.

After the success of the paintball episode in season 1, they went allout with a twoparter in year 2. View photos from community paintball takes over greendale. He relieves her of her weapon, and after a bit of flirting, he tells her hell make. When the study group learns that theres a sinister plot behind the paintball. Community a fistful of paintballs tv episode 2011 imdb. The second season finale was a twopart episode featuring josh holloway in a guest appearance. The study group realize that the game was a scheme by school rivals city college to. Season 2 has been great but not as good as season 1 imo but this episode put it over the edge to stand up on its own leading to the next installment, part 2 of the.

Visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies. For a few paintballs more is the 24th episode and part two of the twopart finale of the second season of community. In the episode, after the dean announces the prize for a friendly game of paintball, greendale sinks into a state of allout paintball war, with every student battling for supremacy. Last week, community aired the finale of its sixthand increasingly likely, finalseason.

Since communitys first paintball attack, modern warfare, was a bit jeff and brittacentric, alison bries annie was showcased in the opening half of this seasons splatterthon. Since late last year, the community gang has satirized everything from zombies to gangsters to their biggest hit action movies with the paintballrelated episode modern warfare. The paintball assassin games are annual competition events held towards the end of the school year at greendale community college. Season 2 ended with a twopart special that featured another. The show should have been ended after season 4, that was the only thing that made sense the tainted image of community after season 3 has ruined my perception of the golden age of seasons 1 through 3. The season consists of episodes and aired on nbc on thursdays at 8. Heres a bonus shot of alison brie because shes hot. Community the black rider paintball episode youtube. The only negative thing ill say about this episode is that im really getting sick of the pierce is in. For a number of reasons the airing on yahoo screen, the kind of shrug enthusiasm that comes with a.

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