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Pmi acp study guide, as we already mentioned earlier, is like a life line or rudder to steer your way to the credential. As it stands, all of the 47 processes have been summarized. This post is a collection of pmp study notes for pmbok 5th edition. Shivs approach in using mind maps in the online videos to explain all the processes worked for me as i was able to grasp and retain the concepts better than. Get this free ebook and 10 more as part of pmp exam blueprint. The whole pmbok guide content can be summarized into a few pages by using a cheat sheet. Pmp exam if you are preparing for the pmp exam, it is very important to understand and then memorize the most if not all, the inputs, outputs and toolstechniques of all the processes. Some questions could test the understanding of definitions and terms used in pmbok. This free study guide includes all 10 kas and 5pgs. Hi all, i just finished reading through the pmbok and creating a mindmap of all processes and calculations. The main advantage of pmi acp study guide is it will also have examples and what is the best way to approach the task. Project stakeholder management includes the processes required to identify the people, groups, or organizations that could impact or be impacted by the project, to analyze.

Purchase the pmp exam study maps and get a 30 day free trial of mindview. Pmp certification study notes 1 terms and concepts. In this page, i post mind map representation of project management knowledge areas that is aligned with pmbok edition. That article is an overview of the most popular pmp study materials you can choose. Mind mapping is described in the pmbok guide 6th edition. Pmbok study guide for pmp exam this map contains the information necessary to prepare you for the pmbokbased pmp certification exam. To make study sessions easier, here is a free mind map on the pmp that outlines the various topics and modules you need to prepare for. Free download of the pmp itto mind map pmbok guide 5th edition for your pmp exam preparation. In the context of project management you can link, for example the project planning map with the resources map, or become creative and link the decision map with the idea map. Pmbok 5th edition mindmap free download as pdf file. Make extra copies of the pmbok test map to practice. Pmbok contains standard terminologies, practices and guidelines to manage a. The structure of mind mapping is fashioned after the way the human brain actually thinks, which is radiantly. It may be difficult to memorize them, but with the process mind map, memorizing becomes easier.

Pmp study notes chapter 6, schedule management, part 1. Pmp cheatsheet and study notes project management portfolio resource time scope quality team etc. The color, structure, and pictures in a mind map excite the brain and keep it interested so that it. I am so grateful that my study notes are useful to aspirants. Process group and knowledge area mapping knowledge areas project management process groups initiating planning executing monitoring and. Download free pmp process chart for pmbok guide 6th. Kim synder, pmp, is so kind to share, with fellow project management professional certification pmi pmp aspirants, her pmi pmp certification itto mind maps based on the pmbok guide 5th edition which was prepared during her pmp exam preparation. Therefore, pmi study guide first and foremost will help you understand the concepts better. Pmp exam courses live or online pmp apps for your mobile phones and tablets.

While pmbok pdf is the ultimate reference, your pmp study guide is a handier one for you. This map contains the information necessary to prepare you for the pmbokbased pmp certification exam. Pmp mind maps can accelerate your itto learning mind map. Study the knowledge areas and process groupings and then memorize all 47 processes and which areasgroupings they fall under. Carry a digital version or print out your copy to make prepping and revising a tiny bit less intensive. Pmi acp study guide master of project academy blog. Pm exam last mile prep program simplified education. The major change is that the pmbok will include agile in all the knowledge areas. In 2018, the pmbok will switch from the 5 th edition to the new 6 th edition. Pmi defines the project management body of knowledge pmbok as a term that describes the knowledge within the profession of project management. Register free to download thousands of mind map templates and examples. Though these notes cannot replace the guide to project management body of knowledge pmbok, but they can provide a reference study material for pmp certification exam preparation. Additionally, a few processes have been added and a few processes will get their names changed.

A map helps you to make logical connections between different concepts. Simply make a copy of the relevant page of the pmbok guide, mark the error, and send it to. It can substantially enhance and accelerate your learning curve. It is very easy to make logical relationships within a single mind map. Pmbok 5th edition notes for pmp exam milestonetask. You can think of integration management as the conductor in the orchestra. Pmbok study notes in this page can act as a reference for understanding various project management processes. Mind map for pmp 5th edition nice for all pm beginners. Pmp study notes chapter 6, schedule management, part 2.

Free schedule management study notes are here to help. This video provides an overview of four pmbok mind maps. Preface thank you very much for downloading the pmp study notes based on pmbok guide 5th edition by edward chung, pmp. A mind mapping approach to making notes is simpler and easier. Most mind mapping tools let you link one mind map to another so that things dont spiral out of control. There is one small disadvantage of using mind maps.

It is the knowledge area that syncs all the other processes. Introduction to project management body of knowledge. Not only can you link multiple maps, mindmanager recently. You can simply study from the mind maps and finish your studies quickly. How to study for the pmp exam using the pmbok mind maps. Mind maps are effective tools to help learners understand and memorize difficult concepts and associations. Mind mapping increases learning and retention by up to 95% over conventional notetaking. The project management body of knowledge includes proven traditional practices that are widely applied as well as innovative practices that are emerging in the profession. Project management process groups and knowledge areas.

These maps are used in a planning and scheduling course. However, i still need to backfill the sections on projects, programs, the organization and ethics. Another free mindmanager project management mind map shared on biggerplate. Shiv shenoys pm exam last mile prep program course was instrumental in helping me to successfully pass the pmp exam. This freeware, noncommercial mind map aligned with the newest version of pmbok guide was carefully hand crafted with passion and love for learning and constant improvement as well for promotion the pmbok knowledge and pm profession and as a learning tool for candidates wanting to gain capm pmp qualification. I originally created the notes for my pmp certification preparation which helped me to pass the pmp exam with 4 proficient and 1 moderately proficient. Register free to download thousands of mind map templates and examples view more mindmanager templates need custom mind map templates for your business. May 2, 2018 download free pmp study notes pdf for pmbok 6th edition plus other resources and materials. Therefore, your study guide should help you understand these definitions, terms and their usage in projects with examples. View 260821203pmpmindmapforpmbok5theditionbywholesteadingcom. Pmis guide to the project management body of knowledge pmbok guide pmp preparation books. To unify all the other processes in the project together. A guide to the project management body of knowledge, or in short pmbok is the project management standard for the pmp and capm exams, brought out by pmi, the project management institute. Project management proposal template free construction proposal template 10 free word excel pdf format, top 5 resources to get free project proposal templates word, construction proposal.

The importance of work packages in project scope management. It has notes on most processes for whats important on the exam, as well as links showing what process group each process belongs to have to expand both process groups cluster and knowledge area cluster for links to show up. Pmbokguide sixth edition itto trick sheet 49 processes. As a bonus, you will receive the mindview pmbok mind map. Click on the picture to see the pmp mindmap for pmbok 5th edition i created to help me memorize all the key information i. You can find it in the chapter on scope management knowledge area. Learn more about plan schedule management, define and sequence activities.

In this guide you will also find download link of the project procurement management process mind map. Hope the notes will help you preparing for your pmp certification exam. I am so proud to say that with more than 3,000 likes my mind map has won first place and announced as the best mind map for 2017. Basics there are central icons with arrow will return you to the previous relevant map rectangular icons with arrow will take you to the next relevant map the quickpage you will see these two buttons. It covers the complex project management topics not explained well in pmbok and other pmp study guides. Weve put together the ultimate pmp study notes pdf to help you with the transition.

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