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The term was coined by richard stallman, to contrast the maliciousness of a criminal hacker versus the spirit of playfulness and exploration in hacker culture, or the ethos of the white hat hacker who performs hacking duties to identify places to repair or. Raisins, dates, figs and other unsweetened dried fruits. The best chips and crackers for healthy snacking greatist. Crackers are sophisticated, well equipped criminals, whereas bright young programmers looking for a challenge are called hackers because of the absence of criminal intent. Table manners for eating crackers at a family meal. Cracker meaning in the cambridge english dictionary. There are 110 calories in a 14 crackers serving of way better snacks sprouted barley crackers. Way better snacks sprouted gluten free tortilla chips, so sweet chili, 1 oz pack of 12 3. We sprout the highest quality barley and mix it up with sprouted flax seeds for our line of. Crackers, depending on the variety, may also contain added chemical looseners, milk. Crackers definition of crackers by medical dictionary. North american english, slang an offensive word for a poor white person with little education from the southern us informal a person who illegally finds a way of looking at or stealing information on somebody elses computer system.

Synonyms for crackers at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. To hold hunger at bay and provide a constant supply of energy, you want a snack that includes some carbohydrate, fiber, protein, and a little fat preferably smart fats like monounsaturated and. Some breakingandentering has been done ostensibly to point out weaknesses in a sites security system. Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day. Whether youre keeping baked goods at room temperature or freezing them, make sure theyre tightly wrapped or in an airtight container, with the following exceptions. Top synonym for cracker another word for cracker is biscuit. Crackers definition of crackers by the free dictionary. A cracker is a hollow cardboard tube covered with coloured paper. Dairybased cakes and pies, such as cheesecake and lemon cream pie, and cookies with uncooked dairy fillings, like whipped cream or cream cheese, should go into the refrigerator. View american english definition of crackers change your default dictionary to american english. So irresistible that you wont even remember its better for you, too. Snacking provides fuel and boosts energy levels, as well as provides little delights throughout the day. Way better snacks sprouted gluten free tortilla chips, so sweet chili, 12 count. Theres a guy on our corner who shouts about the end of the world.

Cracking is the act of breaking into a computer system, often on a network. A dry, thin, crispy baked bread usually salty or savoury, but sometimes sweet, as in the case of graham crackers and animal crackers. Eating the right snacks is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. These should come with a warning label theyre so good. The meaning of the word has changed a lot over the last four. Storage tips for snacks, baked goods, and crackers real. Us another word for poor white cracker a cookie prepared from wheat flour, shortening, and yeast. Cream crackers are crisp dry biscuits which are eaten with cheese.

Crackers equivalent to savory biscuits in the united kingdom are usually flat, crisp, small in size usually 3 inches or less in diameter and made in various shapes, commonly round or square. Test your knowledge and learn some interesting things along the way. To make crackers, start by mixing flour, sugar, salt, olive oil, and water to form the dough. Cracker definition and meaning collins english dictionary. With a range of flavors from sweet and spicy sweet chili to the nacho cheesiest nacho cheese, our snacks have a crunch thats irresistible.

Cream cracker definition and meaning collins english. Way is short for a long way which can usually be substituted, e. Synonyms example sentences learn more about cracker. At a family meal, large crackers are broken and sprinkled over food or dropped into soup. In fact, a recent consumer survey found that we eat an average of 2. Synonyms for cracker at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Its also anything that cracks, like a firecracker or a computer code cracker, or of course, that thin. Cracker definition of cracker by the free dictionary. Ive noticed in my therapy work that bitch eating crackers syndrome often indicates some kind of deeper stuckness. Given their name because of their staple diet of crackcorn, crackers were often hired by plantation owners in order to replace a slave in dangerous jobs. And at walmart, we have a wide variety of delicious crackers, from saltines and cheese crackers to animal crackers and graham crackers crackers are very versatile and can serve a wide variety of snacking needs. The contrast of sweet potatoes and spicy ancho chile pepper, paprika, and garlic blows basic barbecue chips out of the water.

Bitch eating crackers syndrome abby thompson therapy. Having sex, boning, screwing, fucking, humping, doing the nasty. A thin crisp wafer or biscuit, usually made of unsweetened dough. Flavorings or seasonings, such as salt, herbs, seeds, andor cheese, may be added to the. Crackers make a loud noise when they are pulled apart and usually contain a small toy and. Crackers arent the most exciting food in the world youll rarely crave crackers the way youd lust after a burger or chocolate.

I guess the downside is that a slice of this loaf is probably what im. Crackers make great snacks, whether youre topping them with cheese, dipping them in peanut butter or hummus or eating them straight out of the box. Crackers meaning in the cambridge english dictionary. Snacks are a major component of our daily diet, whether we are eating a betweenmeal snack or a snack as a meal. A cracker can be doing this for profit, maliciously, for some altruistic purpose or cause, or because the challenge is there. A term in southeastern united states english to describe poor white trash, derived from the scottish meaning of the verb to crack, which, in this sense denotes ostentation. Next, cut the dough up into small rectangles, and poke holes in each one with a fork. But theyre absolutely necessary at parties, serving as a vehicle for your favorite cheeses and dips. At an informal meal, large crackers are used often as a pusher to assist the fork with a particular course, such as salad. Bursting crackers was the muchawaited wind of excitement that diwali brought. Crackers article about crackers by the free dictionary. It could be that the person who embodies bitch eating crackers bec for short for you is someone with whom you have a real, unexpressed conflict.

Then, roll the dough out into an 18inch thick rectangle, and sprinkle sea salt or sesame seeds on top of it. Food should taste good ancho chile sweet potato chips. Calories in way better snacks sprouted barley crackers and. Sheepskin trouserswhich, from the sound they make at every movement of the wearer, are called crackers. Malicious person who attempts or breaks into a secure computer system, with the intent of stealing or destroying information or disabling the system. Way better snacks sprouted gluten free tortilla chips, simple sweet potato, 5. Definition and synonyms of crackers from the online english dictionary from macmillan education this is the british english definition of crackers. They were all made of crackers laid out in tiny squares, and were of many pretty and ornamental shapes, having balconies and porches with posts of breadsticks and roofs shingled with wafercrackers. I should explain to your lordship what is meant by crackers. It is sometimes used in a neutral context in reference to a native of florida or georgia see florida cracker and georgia cracker.

All the way back to the age of shakespeare, at least. A black hat hacker is a hacker who violates computer security for little reason beyond maliciousness or for personal gain moore, 2005. British english, informal something that you think is very good, funny, etc. Get full nutrition facts for other way better snacks products and all your other favorite brands. But it turns out crackers roots go back even further than the 17th century. Crackers dictionary definition crackers defined yourdictionary. And once you bite into those flaky, buttery little vessels, its pretty hard to stop eating them. Yes, there are some added sugars, but theyre low on the ingredients list. The high prices of slaves during the 1830s and 40s made it efficient to use a cracker rather than a slave. But when the nickname is used by outsiders, it is usually with disparaging.

The meaning of the word has changed a lot over the last four centuries, said dana ste. Mix dry ingredients together, add parmesan cheese, then add oil and 12 cup water. Cracker, sometimes white cracker or cracka, is a racist slur against white people, used especially against poor rural whites in the southern united states. And 41% of americans snack at least three times a day. Bursting with sprouted seeds, beans, and grains, weve unlocked all the goodness inside your favorite snack with a way better crunch. Diwali is just round the corner and whats better than reminiscing that time of our childhood when diwali meant much more than just a festival of lights. A cracker is a baked good typically made from grain flour dough and usually manufactured in large quantities. Information and translations of crackers in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on.

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